Custom Projects With SiteKiosk

SiteKiosk gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your own kiosk applications that fit your business. But not everyone has the necessary capacity and resources to fully implement this themselves. We are happy to support you in all phases of planning and implementing your kiosk requirement.

Quick help in the implementation

Quick help in the implementation

You already have an idea of your application, but cannot solve a detail problem? Our experienced project staff will assist you at short notice with advice and implementation expertise. The type and scope of our service is agreed upon individually and can be carried out on an hourly basis or as a fixed-price order.

Customized Kiosk Apps

Create your own kiosk apps and connect them to your input devices and systems via interfaces. You can easily combine and interact your existing apps with SiteKiosk. Alternatively, we are happy to develop custom kiosk apps for you with our partners, from the design of user interfaces (in cooperation with your agency) to the implementation of your project.

Kiosk Solutions Built for You

The functionality of SiteKiosk Online can be expanded with any number of customizations for a tailored solution with a custom look that adapts to your corporate design and branding requirements.

Self Ordering Kiosk

For food service establishments such as bakeries, cafes, restaurants, bistros,hotels and restaurants.

  • Project Consulting

    Contact us for advice on all aspects of the sales processes as well as connecting with hardware and design vendors.

  • Interfaces to Cash Register Systems

    Connection via interfaces to cash register / merchandise management systems of cash register manufacturers. We are also the point of contact for the cash register manufacturer of your choice and will gladly take care of the technical coordination and adaptation to the cash register configuration. SiteKiosk has open interfaces to meet any need.

  • Hardware

    On request, we can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to hardware for order terminals.

Product Advisor

For the presentation and explanation of products and product combinations in retail outlets such as supermarkets, DIY stores, car dealerships, fashion stores, etc.

  • Data Connection

    A connection to the merchandise management system is possible via open interfaces in order to retrieve real-time data such as daily updated prices or availability of goods.

  • Hardware

    We can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to high-performance POS systems.

Information Kiosk

Interactive information terminal for customers, guests, tenants or employees in the entrance area, canteen or at the workplace.

  • Customizable Software Interface

    The interface of the application you create can be easily customized to your specifications.

  • Content management and external content

    Create and manage content such as text, images or documents and integrate external content like RSS, web pages and much more.

  • Hardware

    We can arrange certified hardware suppliers for fire protection compliant kiosks on request.

Concept and Design

We work together with you as a main point of contact for both you and your partners for processes like the design of user interfaces and bringing your kiosk concept to life.

Do you have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our kiosk solutions.

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